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You can develop your site content using basic building blocks referred to as Pages. Squarespace has pre-configured Pages for blogs, photo galleries, wish lists, forms, link lists, discussions, file storage, change trackers, and more. See a full listing of available modules on this page.

Step 1 - Select Structure Editing

When logged in click to enter Structure Mode in the admin bar at the top right of your screen.

Step 2 - Add Page

Select the section where you would like to add the page, and click the add page button.

On one of your sidebar sections:

On your horizontal navigation bar:

Note: Pages and Widgets cannot be added to the same section.  You can add a new section to your site using this guide.

Step 3 - Choose Page Type

Highlight the page type you would like to add from the list, and click to select and configure.

Step 4 - Configure the Page

Fill in the configuration settings, then click to create page.

Step 5 - Enable the Page

Click to enable the page on your live site if you're ready for it to be public. If not, just leave it disabled until you're ready to share it with the world. 

You can also add pages from Administration Area of your site.

Step 1 (Optional) - Access Administration

To see all of your website sections at once, you can access the [Website Management > Structure > Architecture] area of your site.

Step 2 (Optional) - Add Page

Select the section where you would like to add the page, and click the add page button.

Select page type and configure your page using Steps 3 - 5 above.

Note: There are some restrictions on how many characters you can enter within the configuration fields for pages as well as what URL identifiers can be used. Please refer to this guide for specifics on those limitations.

How do I make a single page with a picture on it?

You'll want to place your photo in the general storage section of your website manager located at [Data & Media > File Storage]. After uploading it, create a page and click to edit it on your website. On the editor, you should see a button for linking the image from your file storage area.

You can add an image using the instructions in this guide.

How do I duplicate site pages?

Currently there is no setting to automatically duplicate pages within your site.  New pages must be manually added and configured, and then the content can be duplicated in the new page.  You can type the content within the page editor, or you can copy the HTML from the existing page and then paste that within your new page.  

To view and copy the HTML for a given page, open the editor for the current page and click the html link in the editor toolbar.  Copy the HTML code for your page and use the same process to insert that copied code into your new page. Save and close the editor to see a duplicate of your original content.  

Note: System-structured pages like Galleries, Form pages, FAQ, etc. cannot be duplicated by copying HTML code. For these, you'll simply need to manually recreate the page from scratch.
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