Removing A Page, Widget Or Section

Pages, Widgets and Sections can be removed if you no longer need them.

If you no longer wish to use a page, widget or section, this guide will provide the steps to remove them.

Step 1 - Enter Structure Editing Mode

Click to enter Structure Mode .

Removing a Page or Widget

Step 2 - Select the component to remove

Each page or widget will display a dotted light gray border to differentiate each component. Hover your mouse over the module you wish to remove to display its links.

Step 3 - Remove the component

Select the remove link for the component you wish to delete.  You'll get a confirmation asking if you'd like to remove this component.

Step 4 - Confirm removal of the component

NOTE: Removing a Folder compontent will also delete the pages it contains.

Removing a Section

Sections will always display their edit controls, so hovering the mouse over the section is not required.

Step 2 - Locate and remove the section

Next to the section title you wish to delete, select the remove link.

Step 3 - Confirm removal of the section

NOTE:  If you remove a section, it will remove all of the pages or widgets it contains.

If you accidentally remove a page, widget or section you can recover it for up to 3 days after deletion in your Recycle Bin.  See our FAQ on recovering deleted components.

Remove from Architecture (alternate method & V4 sites)

Step 1 - Access site Architecture

Navigate to your [Website Management > Structure > Architecture] area.

Step 2 - Locate and Remove the component or section

Hover your mouse over components to access the remove link.

Note: Sections will always display the remove link.

Step 3 - Remove and Confirm

Once you click the remove link, you'll need to confirm its removal.

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Removing A Page, Widget Or Section