Members and audiences overview

A member is a person or group of people with special access to your site. Members use a unique login and password to sign into your site. 

Each member account is assigned to an audience. The audience they're assigned to determines what pages they can see, and whether they have editorial privileges.

Note: You can only create member accounts and audiences on the Unlimited billing plan.

Member accounts

Access your member accounts by opening the Website Management bar and clicking Member Accounts under Members & Access. Here you can:

  • Modify each member account's details.
  • Change each member account's permissions by adjusting which audience it belongs to.
  • Add new member accounts. 

To learn how to create a new member account with its own unique login and password, visit Creating member accounts.


When you create a member account, you assign it to an audience to determine what pages that member can view or edit. 

Access your audience settings by opening the Website Management bar and clicking Member Permissions under Members & Access. Here you can:

  • Add new audiences (up to 4).
  • Adjust what pages each audience can see.
  • Adjust what pages the audience can edit.

To learn more, visit Adding and editing audiences.

Editors and limited editors

  • Editors can create and publish their own content for your site as well as approve and publish blog posts made by limited editors.
  • Limited editors can create drafts and modify their own blog posts, but they can't publish new posts. 

To learn more, visit Adding editors to your site.

How members log in

Members can log in to your site with their login name and password at a dedicated URL: Replace username with your site's own unique identifier. To learn more, visit the Logging in section of the Creating member accounts guide.

To learn how to create a separate login page on your site for your members, visit Creating a login page. You can also hide the login page from your navigation


This archived workshop explains how to add individual member accounts and give them permissions.

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Members and audiences overview