Moving a Page, Widget or Section

Organize your Pages, Widgets and Sections by dragging and dropping them to other areas.

Step 1 - Switch to Structure Editing

Enter Structure Mode and select your page, widget, or section.

Hover your cursor over the page, section, or widget you want to move.  This will turn your cursor into a multi-directional arrow.

Step 2 - Move your page, widget, or section

Click the component to drag and drop this in its new location.

You can also rearrange your components from the [Website Management > Structure > Architecture] area of your site. 

Note: Each section of your site can contain only pages or widgets. It's not possible to add both pages and widgets to the same section. 

Step 3 (Optional) -  Access Administration

Click the Website Management link in the upper left corner of the window, and then choose Architecture under Structure. Follow steps 2 and 3 above to select and move the component. 

Note: After clicking a module, hold that click until the module border turns an orange-red color. This indicates it is ready to be moved. Moving the module before its border turns orange-red, may not allow it to be moved as intended.
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Moving a Page, Widget or Section