Adding a Journal Archive





The Journal Index (or Journal Archive) module allows your visitors to easily find posts by month, category or tag, or individually. It can also show the most recent entries from a given Journal.


Suggested Uses:

  1. Display Recent Journal Entries
  2. Display Journal Monthly/Yearly Archives
  3. Display Journal Categories
  4. Display Journal Tags

Related FAQs:

Editing sidebars

You can easily add a Journal Archive to index your entries for simplified navigation of your journal content.

Step 1 - Create a Journal Archive

Enter Structure Mode Widget.  Next, select your target journal.

Step 2 - Configure the Archive

You can display entries categorized by week, month, category, tags, and/or a full list of individual entries indexed by title.  Set the entry limit to configure how many entries to display per page when listing individual entries.

Note: You cannot target a Journal Archives page or widget to an empty journal. Entries must exist in order to successfully create archives. Additionally, the Journal Index will only list the content of one journal at a time.  If you have multiple journals, you'll need to add an individual index for each journal.  

Journal Summary

The Journal Summary widget works similarly, but includes a text blurb for each post.

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Adding a Journal Archive