What Is Creative Commons, How Do I Add a CC License to my Site?

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides an infrastructure for responsible sharing of content on the web. A Creative Commons license or CC allows you to specify when and how others can share or distribute your content while still preserving your right to ownership. 

When you create a Creative Commons license, an icon is generated indicating your license preferences which you can use in your website; much like the icon image shown in the example below. 

The biggest difference between a standard copyright © and Creative Commons revolves around the use of your content. A standard copyright establishes you as content owner with exclusive rights to its use, but it doesn't allow for distribution or sharing of content which many website publishers find restrictive.

Alternately, Creative Commons licensing enables sharing of your content under specific conditions set by you as the copyright holder. Currently there are six different licenses you can generate using Creative Commons; you can learn more about them here

How Do I Add a CC License to my Site?

Squarespace provides an automated Creative Commons or CC license generator you can use to customize a license and display it in your site footer. Note that using this feature is entirely optional and not required. The Creative Commons generator is provided as a convenience to you in the event you wish to include a CC license in your website. 

Step 1: Launch the CC Generator

From Website Management, navigate to Structure > Website Settings > Header & Footer.

From the bottom of this page, click on Generate Creative Commons License.

Step 2: Choose Your License Options

The Creative Commons generator will present options you can choose from to tailor your license according to your own preference. After selecting your options, click the Select a License button to confirm your choices.

Once you have selected a license, you can then click proceed and continue to the next step.

Step 3: Verify the Code and Preview Your Site

At this point, the Creative Commons License generator will automatically insert your license HTML code directly into your website footer. Click the Update Information button to save these changes.

After updating your information, you can click the arrow indicator to return to the front side of your site and view your license. 

You will now see your Creative Commons license with a customized icon appearing in the footer area of your site.   


NOTE: Squarespace does not counsel or advise on copyrighting. For more resources and information see: CreativeCommons.org

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What Is Creative Commons, How Do I Add a CC License to my Site?