Adding AddThis Share and Follow buttons

AddThis is a third-party service that lets you display different sharing tools on your Squarespace site:

  • Share buttons allow users to share your content on social media. Use AddThis's Share buttons for social platforms that aren't included in our built-in social profiles.
  • Follow buttons allow users to follow your social media profiles directly from your site. There is no built-in equivalent for Squarespace 5.

Step 1 - Register with AddThis

Go to the AddThis registration page and create a free account. 

Step 2 - Activate and customize your tools

Click Tools to view your available tools.

Share buttons

In the Sharing Tools tab, toggle on the Sharing Buttons option.

Pick the size of your Share buttons and whether to show share counts.

Select Auto Personalization to automatically display the services that each visitor has previously used to share content. Alternatively, use the Select Your Own option to control which icons appear, as well as their order.

Click Activate.

Follow buttons

In the Follow Tools tab, toggle on the Horizontal Follow Buttons option.

Add your personal identifier into the field for any social media platforms you want to share. Hover over the question mark beside each option to see display specific instructions for retrieving your profile link for the service.  

Use the Title field to modify the text that will display with the buttons on your site.

Click Activate.


Step 4 - Get the code

Click Get The Code in the top bar. You'll need the AddThis code and the Activated Tools code to enable the buttons on your site.

Step 5 - Add the code to your site

First, open the Website Management bar and click Website Settings, then Code Injection. Add the AddThis code to Extra Header Code.

Next, add the button code anywhere on your site that accepts HTML. For example, you could add buttons:

Note: All third-party customizations fall outside of the scope of Squarespace support. For more information about AddThis and additional help resources, see their documentation

Sharing on Squarespace 7

We have built-in sharing tools on Squarespace 7 that allow you to add Share buttons and Follow buttons ("social icons") throughout your site. 

To try it out yourself, start a free trial site.

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Adding AddThis Share and Follow buttons