Reviewing your Squarespace 5 account invoices

You can review and print billing invoices for your Squarespace 5 account in your Account Center. 

Note: Invoices include the name on the credit card, your built-in domain, and the amount billed. Invoices can't be customized or edited to include other information. All prices are in USD.
Note: To view invoices for a sub-account, log into the master account and follow the steps below.

To access your invoices:

  1. Log into your site
  2. Open the Website Management bar
  3. Click Account Center under Billing & Support
  4. Click Billing History.

Click on any invoice number in the Invoice# column to see complete details for that invoice.

Once it's opened, click Print Invoice to open a print window.

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Reviewing your Squarespace 5 account invoices