Reviewing your Squarespace 5 account invoices

You can review and print billing invoices for your Squarespace 5 account in your Account Center.

Note: Invoices include the name on the credit card, your built-in domain, and the amount billed. Invoices can't be customized or edited to include other information. All prices are in USD.
Note: To view invoices for a sub-account, log into the master account and follow the steps below.

Review invoices

To access your invoices:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. Open the Website Management bar.
  3. Click Account Center under Billing & Support.
  4. Click Billing History.

Click on any invoice number in the Invoice# column to see complete details for that invoice.

Once it's opened, click Print Invoice to open a print window.

Cancelled or expired sites

To review invoices if your site was cancelled or expired, log into your site by going to this URL and replacing username with your account name:

If you have trouble logging in, visit Regaining access to your site.

After you're logged in, visit this URL in the same browser and again replace the username with your account name:
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Reviewing your Squarespace 5 account invoices