Tracking downloads

Squarespace offers the ability to keep track of how many times your files are being downloaded within the Traffic Overview area of your Squarespace site.

Step 1 - Enable download tracking

General File Storage

In order for a file to have its downloads tracked in your statistics for files stored within [Website Management > Data & Media > File Storage], you can click the Track link that appears next to the file name.

File Storage Page

In order to have downloads tracked for files stored in your File Storage Pages, you can click the Content Mode icon while viewing the page to enter Content Editing Mode.  Once you open Content Editing Mode, you can click the Track link that displays with the other editing links.

Step 2 - Access Traffic Overview

Login to your Squarespace site and navigate to [Website Management > Statistics > Traffic Overview].

Step 3 - View download statistics

In the left sidebar of the Traffic Overview, you can scroll down until you see the Download Analysis section. This area will display a list of files downloaded from your site along with the number of times the file was downloaded.

Note: You must enable tracking for files individually. The Download Analysis area will only display data for files with tracking enabled.

Step 4 - Access detailed activity (optional)

You can view specific information about visitors who downloaded files by navigating to the [Website Management > Statistics > Detailed Activity] area of your site.  Here, you can view individual downloads by visitors and find out any additional information recorded from the visitor's browser like Time, Hostname, IP Address, CountryUser Agent, Operating System and Browser by hovering your mouse over the IP address.

Note: Not all of the fields of the detailed activity will be populated for each visitor.  This depends on the information Squarespace is able to collect based on the visitor's browser settings and connection settings.

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