Domain Mapping with Dotster

You can link your own domain name with your Squarespace site using our Domain Mapping feature. This feature is available to all plan levels.

The following instructions are for configuring your domain in Dotster's DNS Management control panel. These instructions assume you have already registered a domain with Dotster, and can take up to 48 hours to propagate through the Internet. 

Note: You must use Dotster's nameservers in order to successfully map a domain.

Step 1 - Log into Your Dotster Account

Click the My Account link at the top of the screen at, enter your username and password and click Login.

Step 2 - Access Your Dotster Account Settings

Click DomainCentral to go to your domain list and choose the domain you want.

Step 3 - Edit DNS Settings

Click DNS.

Step 4 - Add a CNAME

Select CNAME Alias from the Modify drop-down menu.

Add www to the Host field, and add to the box under Points To.

Click Add to save your changes.


Step 5 - Add A Records

Select A Record from the Modify drop-down menu.

Scroll down this page and add to the box in the Points To column.

Click Add to save your changes. Repeat this process three more times using the following values:


Note: If present, delete the A record with * in the Host column.

Step 6 - Link Your Domain To Your Squarespace Site

Log into your Squarespace website. Navigate to the Website Management > Structure > Custom Domain area. Click the Link Domain option and add your custom domain to the domain URL field.

Once you've linked your domain it will appear in the Custom Domain area immediately. Both the www and non-www version of your domain are automatically added and you can toggle your domain to display the version you prefer by clicking the Toggle WWW link next to the domain.

Note: DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate on the web depending on your provider. You can use these steps to check the status of your domain at any time.

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Domain Mapping with Dotster