How do I add a QuickTime movie to my Web site?

You can add the embed code to display this to any page of your site that's configured to accept code. More information can be found here on how to embed streaming video to your site.

Apple has a page in their Quicktime tutorials on how to include a QuickTime to a Web page:

You'll need to upload the QuickTime movie to your file storage area and reference the URL for its location within the embed code. To learn more, visit Using file storage

Creating/amending the code for this requires programming knowledge to complete.

We strongly recommend using a third party service to host your video, like, or Vimeo- all of which are free services, and they provide you the code to embed your video into your site. This guide illustrates how to embed the provided code, and can be easily modified for whichever service you choose.

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How do I add a QuickTime movie to my Web site?