Embedding Tokbox Video Chat

Tokbox is a video chat application that can be easily added to your Squarespace site. It's a great way to create more interaction with your site visitors and it's easy to install. All you need is a camera and microphone on your machine and you're ready to get started using Tokbox.

STEP 1: Sign Up

Go to Tokbox.com and under the widgets title, click the add to your site link.

STEP 2: Get Code

Choose the Basic Embed option, enter a valid e-mail address and then click the Get code link. 


Note: In order to moderate your video chat sessions you will need a secret code that Tokbox provides. This code will be sent to the e-mail address you submitted to them when signing up.

STEP 3: Embed Code

Copy the code provided by Tokbox to your clipboard:  

You can paste your code into any page or widget that accepts HTML code. From within Content Editing mode Adding HTML To A Sidebar.

Once you've added your embed code, this is it how it will appear in the content editor:

After embedding your Tokbox code you may be prompted to enable access to your camera and microphone. If that occurs, click allow. You will then see the Tokbox video chat widget appearing within your site: 

And that's it! You're ready to start a video chat. Once a video chat has been initiated, you can moderate your session by ticking the I'm a moderator prompt in your chat window and typing in the secret code you received from Tokbox in your e-mail when signing up.

Note: Squarespace does not provide support or troubleshooting for third party applications. For more information about using Tokbox and advanced installation options please see the Tokbox Support Center.

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