How do I add Linkwithin to my blog entries?

LinkWithin is a third party service that will display links to entries with similiar content that you've published.  These appear as a series of thumbnails beneath each journal entry.  To add this service to your site you need to create a free account with LinkWithin.

Step 1 - Get Code

On the main page of the LinkWithin site, enter your specific blog page URL, select Platform as other, and specify the width and color options of your preference. 

Once you've filled in the fields, click the Get Widget button to generate your code.

Note: You can use either your Squarespace blog URL, or, a blog URL using your custom domain if you've added a domain to your Squarespace site. However, if using a custom domain URL you must ensure your domain has been correctly mapped. If your domain has not been correctly mapped, LinkWithin cannot retrieve your blog articles successfully. You can check your domain mapping at any time using the steps here

Step 2 - Insert Code

Add the generated code directly to your site within the site footer area.  You can access this from [Website Management > Structure > Website Settings > Header & Footer] in your Site Manager.

Once you add the code to your site footer, the thumbnail links will automatically display for each individual journal entry you post to your site.

Note: If you have questions or issues with your LinkWithin widget you can contact their support here.
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How do I add Linkwithin to my blog entries?