Troubleshooting site change notifications

If you aren't receiving site changes notifications for your tracked site changes, such as forum activity, recent content additions, and new blog posts, follow the troubleshooting suggestions in this guide.

Tip: If you're not receiving emails from our Customer Care team, visit this guide instead.

Step 1 - Check your spam folder

Check your Spam or Junk folder to ensure the notification hasn't been filtered out of your main Inbox. If you find the notification in your spam folder, change your email's settings to prevent this. For example, if you're using Gmail, you can mark mail as "not spam" and add a filter to prevent messages from that email address from being blocked.

Step 2 - Confirm you're subscribed to changes

You and your site's members can subscribe to a page to receive email notification of any updates to that page. 

To confirm you've subscribed:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. Go to the page you want to track.
  3. Click your member profile.

In the drop-down menu:

  • If the bottom link says Remove Update Subscription, you are subscribed. Move to the next step to continue troubleshooting.
  • If the bottom link says Subscribe To Page Updates, you aren't subscribed. Click that link to subscribe. Visit Site change notifications for more help.


Step 2 - Ensure Track Changes is enabled

If you've disabled tracked changes for a page, it won't send notifications to you or any members who have subscribed.

To confirm tracked changes are enabled:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. Go to the page you want to track.
  3. Enter Structure mode.
  4. Click Configure This Page.
  5. Scroll down to Advanced Options & Style Overrides.
  6. Confirm Track Changes is checked.
Tip: Tracked changes are listed in your site's change log.


Step 3 - Log out of your site

While logged into a Squarespace 5 site, you won't receive email notifications of your own changes.

To log out, click Logout in the top bar. Visit Logging in for more help.

Step 4 - Check your custom email templates

If you've customized the emails sent from your website, errors in the email template can prevent notifications from sending successfully.

To test if this is the problem, temporarily revert back to the default template following these steps. If your site change notifications begin sending again, that means the custom email templates were the culprit.

Step 5 - Remove confirmation message code

If you've added custom code to the confirmation message for a form page or widget, errors in the code can prevent notifications from sending successfully.

To test if this is the problem:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. Go to the page that has your form, or a page that displays your form in a sidebar.
  3. Enter Structure mode.
  4. Click Configure for that page or widget.
  5. Scroll down to the Confirmation Message section.
  6. Save the text of the current message in a text document to use it again in the future (optional).
  7. Delete any HTML code from the field.
  8. Save the changes.

If your form notifications begin sending again, that means the HTML was the culprit. Fix the HTML before re-adding it to the confirmation message.

Tip: The confirmation message doesn't accept JavaScript.

Step 6 - Check your email settings

Check to ensure:

  • The email address is valid and typed correctly - Ensure that your account email and any email addresses you use to subscribe to site notifications are accurate.
  • There's only one email address listed - Squarespace forms only support sending to one email address at a time. Instead of listing multiple emails in one subscription, forward to a group email, or forward to a single email and distribute it to multiple people within your Inbox.
  • Your email address isn't blocked - If you clicked the "Unsubscribe" link in a notification email, it automatically removes you from future updates. If your mailbox is full, or there's a problem with the email address you provided us, emails to you may be rejected or "bounced" by your email provider. To be removed from our "Unsubscribed" or "Bounced" lists, contact us.
Note: Squarespace 5 is our legacy platform from 2012. Although we still support Squarespace 5, fixing bugs or issues is a lower priority for us while we focus on our current platform, Squarespace 7.
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Troubleshooting site change notifications