I'm not receiving notifications. Why?

1. Are you subscribed?

A site owner or member account is required to receive e-mail notifications within any Squarespace site.
Members to the site can log in with their credentials and use the steps in this guide to receive e-mail notifications for pages they're subscribed to.

If you are a site owner, you must also subscribe to pages on your own site to be notified of changes others may have made — for example, when visitors post new comments. See this reference for site owners about how to receive e-mail notifications of visitor activity.

2. Are you logged in and making changes?

When logged in to a Squarespace site as a site owner, or, a site member, you will not receive e-mail notifications of your own changes. For example, if you are logged in and post a comment you will not receive a notification of this change. However, other members of your site will receive a comment notification if they have subscribed to that page.

3. Are you tracking changes?

In order for notifications to be sent, you must have track changes enabled under the Advanced Styles & Style Overrides section within the page configuration. If you are not tracking changes, then e-mail updates will not be sent.

Note: Tracked changes are listed in the change log within your site.  Notifications will only be sent for changes in that list.

4. Have you edited your e-mail template?

If you are on an Unlimited Package, you can control how form mail sent via the Squarespace system appears. However, errors in customizing your e-mail templates can prevent notifications from sending successfully to you. To correct this, you can revert back to the default template from within [Structure > Website Settings > E-mail].

5. Have you added code to your form page? 

Forms based pages and widgets provide a confirmation message field that many use to include HTML code or other links for redirecting visitors after they have submitted the form. If this code is incomplete or incorrectly added, it can prevent your form from functioning properly.

Always check your form page configuration to ensure that any HTML code you've added is valid. HTML code cannot be added to form title fields or other form data fields; it can only be added to the confirmation message field and must be properly formatted for your form to work correctly. Additionally, javascript cannot be added to forms.

6. Can you receive e-mail?

Problems receiving e-mail notifications occur when:

  • The e-mail address you are using is invalid or typed incorrectly. Whether you are a site owner or, member of a site, ensure that any e-mail addresses you include on pages or in profiles are valid, accurate and, that you have direct access to your mail. Squarespace does not host e-mail; notifications are sent directly to the mail address you specify.

  • The e-mail account you are using has settings applied preventing your mail from arriving. Check your spam folder/junk mail settings to see if mail is getting redirected to your spam folder. If so, change your e-mail settings to prevent this. If you are using Gmail, you can mark mail as "not spam" and add a filter to prevent messages from "services@squarespace.com" from being blocked.

  • You are using a list of e-mails in your page configuration. While you can forward mail to a group via your own personal mailbox, you cannot directly send to a group using Squarespace forms. Ensure you have a single, valid e-mail address within your page configuration. 

  • The e-mail you are using has been unsubscribed or is being bounced by your provider. If you clicked the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of the notification this automatically removes your address from receiving further subscription updates. If your mailbox is full or there is a problem with the email address you provided us, your emails may be bounced by your email provider with any number of errors. In order to be removed from our Unsubscribed or Bounced lists, you will need to notify us by sending a ticket via [Website Management > Billing & Support > Support Ticket] or via e-mail: customercare@squarespace.com.

Note: Squarespace 5 is our legacy platform from 2012. Although we still support Squarespace 5, fixing bugs or issues is a lower priority for us while we focus on our current platform, Squarespace 7.
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I'm not receiving notifications. Why?