How do I use File Storage?

Step 1 - Access File Storage

Click the Website Management link in the upper left corner of your screen. Under Data & Media, click the File Storage link.

Step 2 - Upload Files

Click the Upload Files button at the bottom of your file storage page. 

Step 3 - Locate The File(s) to Upload

Click the Select Files button to browse for a file on your computer. If you need to add more than one file, you can continue clicking the select files button to add more files. Then click the Begin Upload button to upload your files. 

Note: Optimize your file names! It's best to use all lowercase letters with no spaces or punctuation. Use only letters, numbers, - or _ . Ensure each file has a unique file name on your site. See this FAQ entry for more details.  Files you upload to File Storage should not be larger than 20M.

Step 4 - Upload and Decompress Multiple Files in a Zip Archive (Optional)

Alternately, you can upload a zip archive containing multiple files. (Be sure to check 'Decompress Zip Files After Uploading.')

Note: Zip files you upload must contain fewer than 100 images.  Need help with this? See the troubleshooting guide here.

Step 5 - Create a Directory (Optional)

For better file organization, click the Create Directory button at the bottom of the page to create a new folder.

Step 6 - Delete Files (Optional)

To delete a file from General Storage, click the Remove link.

Note: Once you have deleted a file it is permanently removed from your site.

Step 7 - File URLs (Optional)

To obtain the direct URL for your file click the url link listed in File Storage for that file.

Note: You can click Modify to change the Title and Name of the file. Use caution when changing the File Name as this will change the URL of the file and will break all links to it.

Can I access Squarespace 5 via FTP?

We do not currently offer FTP access to Squarespace 5.

How do I add a Web clip icon for bookmarking my site on the iPhone and iPad Home screen?

Reference this page at with specifics about creating a Web clip icon for use on iPhone and iPad Home screens.

Upload your icon to your general File Storage.

Navigate to [Website Management > Structure > Website Settings > Code Injection > Extra Header Code] and add the Web clip code:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/storage/your_custom_icon.png"/>

Replace "your_custom_icon.png" in the code with the location for your image in File Storage.

Note: Ensure that the URL you you use starts with /storage/ and not your domain, as per the sample code above.

Switching Uploaders

In Squarespace, there are two file transfer methods you can use for uploading files to your site; a flash uploader and a classic uploader

Flash Uploader

The flash uploader is the default upload option and the one most commonly used. When adding files using the flash uploader, click the Select Files button to browse for files on your computer. After choosing files to upload, click the Begin Upload button and your selected files will then be transfered to your Squarespace site. 

Classic Uploader

If you're working on a machine where flash has been disabled or if you're using a browser that doesn't support flash, you will instead want to use the classic uploader for adding files to your site. Click on the option to Try the classic uploader in the upload dialogue screen to switch your upload format. 

When adding files using the classic uploader, the basic steps are the same but the dialogue text is slightly different. Click the Choose Files button to browse for files on your computer and use the option to Add Another File if you want to upload multiple files.  

Once you've chosen your files, click the Upload button to upload your files to your Squarespace site.  

You can revert the classic uploader to the flash upload method as well at any time should you wish to do so. Simply click the option to Go back to the flash uploader in the upload dialogue screen. 

To learn more about adding files and using file storage see this guide. You can also reference this FAQ for helpful troubleshooting information about uploading files. 

My file is too large for uploading on Squarespace, now what?

Squarespace supports uploads up to 20 MB in size. Uploading via a web browser is somewhat unreliable with very large files. Also keep in mind that most cable modems and DSL connections upload at 15 kbps, which means that uploading files progresses at approximately 1 MB/minute.

If you wish to host very large files, you should use a specialized solution, such as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or's S3 service.

Note: Squarespace has a file size limit of 20 MB per file that is uploaded to your site.


If you are considering using Squarespace to host your streaming video content, first review this entry here. If you are not looking to stream this video content you will need to use video editing software to bring the file size below 20 MB. Consider software like Apple iMovie.


If your image file exceeds the upload limits you should consider resizing and/or compressing the image to a smaller file size. We have an entry here with links to image editing applications you can use to resize your images. Also, see this entry with general information about web optimized images.


If you have an audio file that is too large for Squarespace, you have a couple of options:

  1. you can use an outside hosting company to store your audio files for use on your Squarespace site; or
  2. you can split the audio file into multiple smaller files.

Below are a few suggestions for audio hosting services:

Below are a few applications for splitting audio files, and a Google search will turn up a variety of other programs and services that you can use for editing audio files:


File Storage

Why doesn't the ZIP file I'm uploading appear in my file storage area?

When uploading a ZIP archive file to your site, you may encounter a problem where your upload appears to successfully complete but does not appear anywhere in your file storage or within a gallery.

Zip files uploaded to Squarespace are limited to fewer than 100 files in an archive (when using the decompression method).  Individual files within the zip archive must be no larger than 5 MB when uploaded to a gallery page, and the total Zip file size should not exceed 20MB when uploading to your file storage area.

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How do I use File Storage?