Login troubleshooting

This guide helps you troubleshoot login issues for Squarespace 5 sites.

For general information about logging in, visit Logging in.

Note: Squarespace 5 is our legacy platform from 2012. Although we still support Squarespace 5, fixing bugs or issues is a lower priority for us while we focus on our current platform, Squarespace 7.

Always use the direct URL to log in

Some Squarespace 5 users encounter issues:

  • When logging in at www.squarespace.com or www.squarespace.com/login.
  • When using an email address to log in.
  • When logging in with the Escape key from a custom domain.

If you’re having issues logging in:

  1. Go to https://username.squarespace.com/display/Login, replacing “username” with your account name. Login must be capitalized.
  2. Use your account name to log in.

Your account name is the unique identifier from your built-in URL. If your built-in URL is https://username.squarespace.com, your account name is username.

Tip: If this resolves your issue, it’s a good idea to bookmark the URL so you can use it to log in every time.

I forgot my password

To reset your login password:

  1. On the login screen, click I forgot my password.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account and click Reset Password.
  3. Check your Inbox for an email from no-reply@squarespace.com. The password recovery link only works for one hour after it's requested. If the link expires, re-submit your password reset request.

If you can’t remember the email address that’s associated with your account, open a ticket.

I can't remember my account name

Your account name is the first part of the built-in URL you made when you created your site. For example, if your built-in URL is https://username.squarespace.com, your account name is username.

If you can’t remember your account name or your site's built-in URL, go to your website and view the page source. We recommend opening the page in a Firefox or Chrome browser and following these steps:

  • PC - Right-click the site and click View Page Source.
  • Mac - Press Control and click the site, then click View Page Source.


Your account name displays at the top of the page source code in a comment tag: 


Note: If you aren't able to find your account name, open a ticket.

My site isn't available

If you're using a custom domain and can't see your site, either:

  • Your domain isn’t properly connected.
  • You used URL forwarding to redirect a domain to your Squarespace site. We don’t fully support URL forwarding as it can prevent visitors from viewing and linking to your website’s URLs.

To resolve the issue, log in with your login URL and connect your custom domain directly to your Squarespace site. To learn more, visit Connecting a domain to your Squarespace 5 site.

If your public website is displaying a page that indicates your account isn't available, your account has probably expired or has been suspended.

Open a ticket to resolve the issue. You can still log into your site if you know your account name and password. If you forget your password when your account isn’t available, contact Squarespace Customer Support to reset it.

Logging in with custom login pages

You can create a custom login page for you and any site members.

Disabling or removing your login page can cause issues with logging in. To resolve this, use your login URL and account name to log in. Then re-enable your login page in your site Architecture, or create a new one.

Rather than disabling or removing the login page, you can hide the page from the navigation.

Escape key shortcut

Typically, you can log in from any page on your site by hitting the Esc key on your keyboard. Some Squarespace 5 users can’t use this shortcut if they’ve created and then removed a login page. If you’re having issues with the Escape key shortcut, use your login URL and account name to log in.

Note: If you're having issues logging in from a custom domain with the Escape key shortcut, check your DNS settings using these steps.
Remember, if you’re having trouble logging in:
  • Log in at https://yoursitename.squarespace.com/display/Login, replacing yoursitename with your account name.
  • Use your account name, the unique identifier from your URL, rather than an email address as your login name.
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