Managing a deceased person’s Squarespace 5 website

If you’re a relative of a deceased Squarespace 5 website owner or the executor of their estate, we can cancel or remove their site for you.

Request cancellation or removal of the site

Fill out this form to request cancellation or removal. For the What do you want to do with this site? field, choose Cancel the site and other subscriptions.

We'll ask for the following:

  • Full name of the deceased person
  • Site URL
  • An obituary or death certificate
  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your relationship to the deceased person
  • A scan of your government-issued ID or driver's license
  • Legal representation documents, if you’re the executor of the estate

We'll review the information, and we may respond with more questions. You’ll receive an email with next steps.

What happens if I do nothing?

If the billing credit card attached to the site is still active, the subscription may renew automatically on the next renewal date. If the card has been canceled, or if the website owner disabled auto-renew, the subscription will expire and the site content will be marked for permanent deletion.

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Managing a deceased person’s Squarespace 5 website