Squarespace 7 linked sites

Some people have a Squarespace 7 site with a billing account that's linked to a Squarespace 5 site. This guide explains the options and restrictions for these linked sites.

Note: It's no longer possible to link a Squarespace 7 site's billing to a Squarespace 5 site.

Do I have a linked site?

You may have a linked site if you meet all of these points:

  1. You were a Squarespace 5 customer in 2012.
  2. You received a free Squarespace 6 site as part of our new platform launch.
  3. Your Squarespace 6 site converted to Squarespace 7.0 in 2014.

To check if your site is linked:

  1. Log into your Squarespace 7 site.
  2. In the Home menu, click Settings.
  3. Click Billing & Account.
  4. Click Billing.
  5. At the top of the Billing panel, a message will appear that says: "This site is included with your Squarespace 5 membership."


Platform integrations

Linked sites don't support official integrations that require a credit card on file. For example:

  • Getty Images
  • Google Workspace 

Billing plans

For linked sites, you have access to the two Squarespace 5 billing plans:


On a linked site, Commerce features in the Squarespace app aren't supported.

Premium features

Linked sites don't support some Premium features, including:


Linked sites include a free Squarespace domain on the annual billing plan.

To add more domains, you can:

Visit Domains basics on our Squarespace 7 help site for more help with each of these options.

Unlink your site to get more access

To access all Squarespace 7 features, unlink your site from Squarespace 5.

Unlinking a site is permanent and can't be reversed. After unlinking a site, you can’t re-link it to any other sites, including the site it was originally linked to.

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Unlink your site

To unlink your site:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, and then click Billing & Account.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Under Unlink Website, click Unlink Squarespace 5 Website Billing. Then click Unlink Website in the warning message to confirm.

Your Squarespace 7 site immediately reverts to trial status. It will expire in 14 days if you don't upgrade to a paid hosting plan.

To keep your site public and to access all Squarespace 7 features, upgrade to paid service and publish your site.

Cancel Squarespace 5 billing (optional)

When you're ready to exclusively use your Squarespace 7 site, cancel your Squarespace 5 billing to avoid paying for two sites simultaneously.

  1. Log into your Squarespace 5 site and click Website Management, then click Billing & Account.
  2. Click Cancel Account, then enter your password.
  3. Confirm by entering the word "CANCEL" and clicking Cancel Account

For more details, visit Canceling and deleting a site.

My linked site expired

If your Squarespace 5 billing plan expires:

  • Your Squarespace 7 site reverts to a 14-day trial.
  • Once you reactivate your Squarespace 5 site, your Squarespace 7 site will reactivate automatically. This process usually takes 24 hours.
  • If you need more time while you reactivate your Squarespace 5 site, you can extend your Squarespace 7 site's trial period.
  • If you're not planning to reactivate your Squarespace 5 site, you can upgrade your Squarespace 7 site to paid service.
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